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New Video: We need to improve renting in the UK...

Step into the world of renting woes with our latest video campaign, tackling the issues of high prices, faulty facilities, and unhelpful landlords faced by young renters.

This video takes a humorous dive into the absurdities of the rental market. From outrageous rent prices to difficult landlord encounters, we're putting a lighthearted spin on the challenges young renters encounter daily.

Embracing a bright and lively aesthetic, our video aims to captivate and engage. Our relatable characters represent the struggles of renters everywhere.

Camera Crew filming Green Screen
On Set Filming Political Video

This video campaign is more than just a source of amusement; it's a call to action. Join the movement for affordable housing and a better renting experience. Remember, your vote is the key to turning the collective struggles into a positive change.

Director - Emma Jane Gray

Director of Photography - James Hastings

Starring: Elliot Ferris Christiana Joseph Kayleen Patel Zayn Malik Isobel Ewart Oscar Bond Makeup Artist - Kai Ackroyd

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