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James Hastings


Introducing James Hastings: Your Visionary Partner in Visual Storytelling.

Embark on a cinematic journey with James, a distinguished freelance videographer based in London, UK. James discovered his passion for storytelling through the lens at the young age of 12, and his ardor for the art of cinema has only deepened since.

Founder of an acclaimed film company, Hastings Infinity Films, James brings his award-winning expertise to The Infinity Capture, his bespoke Video Production Service. Here, he works with clients like you to craft professional, cutting-edge videos that captivate and distinguish themselves in the crowded online landscape.

With James's keen eye for detail, cinematic flair and dedication he can bring your vision to life. Whether it's an event, music, theatre, education, business or a creative mind seeking a videographer, The Infinity Capture is your ally, transforming ideas into compelling visual stories.


Explore the infinite possibilities with The Infinity Capture and redefine your narrative in the world of digital content.

James Hastings London Videographer
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